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The Australian Government Standard in Cyber Protections

Essential Eight

The Essential Eight is a comprehensive cybersecurity framework from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (The Australian Government), comprising eight mitigation strategies. These include measures like application whitelisting, patching, user application hardening, and multi-factor authentication. By implementing these strategies, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of cyber threats, fortifying their resilience, safeguarding sensitive information, and maintaining operational continuity. This guide is crucial for proactively managing and mitigating cybersecurity risks in today’s dynamic business environment.

The Pro Comptuers Difference

Strength through adding security layers

Layered Security

Layered Security stands out as superior to the Essential Eight due to its holistic and diversified approach to cybersecurity. By deploying a multitude of defence measures across various levels of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, Layered Security creates a robust and intricate defence system. This comprehensive strategy incorporates tools like application defence, application patching, e-mail filtering, password management systems, multi-factor authentication, operating system patching, endpoint detection & response, frequent backups that are validated, and continuous monitoring of the environment to detect and respond to attacks, forming a complex set of layers of defences that makes it challenging for attackers to breach all layers.

Layered Security - Broad & Adaptable

Unlike the Essential Eight’s focused approach, Layered Security provides a broader and more adaptable defence, considering the evolving nature of cyber threats and offering a more resilient shield against a wide array of potential risks.

Prevent Attacks

Application defence

Application defence, an integral part of the cybersecurity arsenal, complements the Essential Eight by focusing on safeguarding specific applications. It provides targeted protection against vulnerabilities and exploits, enhancing the overall resilience of an organisation’s software ecosystem.

Patch Applications

Aligning with the Essential Eight’s emphasis on patching, this feature specifically addresses vulnerabilities in applications. Regularly updating and patching applications is crucial to closing security gaps and reducing the risk of exploitation.

Email Filtering

A vital frontline defence, email filtering plays a pivotal role in preventing phishing attacks and malware distribution. By filtering out malicious content, organisations can bolster their defences against threats that may otherwise exploit human error.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Building on the Essential Eight’s principle of endpoint protection, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) actively monitors and responds to suspicious activities on individual devices. This is a next generation service from the traditional antivirus products. It improves upon the traditional products by monitoring the behaviours your machines, keeping track of the changes that are made in your system and arresting the process or service, you can roll back your system to prior to the attack in most cases. This enhances the organisation’s ability to detect, neutralise and remediate potential threats swiftly.

Monitoring Events

Complementing the Essential Eight’s focus on continuous monitoring, this feature ensures vigilant oversight of network activities. Monitoring events in real-time allows for early detection of potential security incidents, enabling rapid response and mitigation.

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Limiting the Extent of Attacks

Enhancing user access security.

A Password Management System aligns with the Essential Eight’s multi-pronged approach. It strengthens the organisation’s defence by enforcing robust password policies and minimising the risk of unauthorised access.

Critical for closing security loopholes.

Augmenting the Essential Eight’s emphasis on OS patching, this feature specifically targets vulnerabilities in the operating system.

Regular patches are critical for closing security loopholes and maintaining the overall integrity of the system.

Prevent attacks + limit exposure

Recover data + system availability

A key component in limiting the extent of attacks.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) goes hand-in-hand with the Essential Eight’s strategy. By adding an additional layer of identity verification, MFA reduces the risk of unauthorized access even in the event of compromised credentials.

Enabling a swift and targeted response.

This feature extends the Essential Eight’s endpoint protection by adding a response mechanism. In the face of an attack, it enables a swift and targeted response to contain and mitigate the impact on individual devices.

Neutralise cyber threats promptly.

Aligned with the Essential Eight’s proactive approach, this feature emphasises a structured and effective response strategy. It ensures organisations are well-prepared to handle and neutralise cyber threats promptly.

Email compromise

Business Email Compromise

(BEC) fraud - where a financial loss was recorded

Online banking fraud

Recover Data & Systems Availability

Multiple Daily Backups
Complementing the Essential Eight’s focus on regular backups, the emphasis on multiple daily backups enhances the organisation’s ability to recover data swiftly. This redundancy ensures minimal data loss in the event of an incident. Using a robust backup system such as the 3-2-1 backup system reduces the exposure of your backup system to malware, and ensures that your backups are working when you need them most.

An extra layer of data preservation.

In line with the Essential Eight’s recommendation for secure backups, the backup archive feature adds an extra layer of data preservation. It facilitates organised storage and retrieval of historical data, ensuring comprehensive recovery options. Archiving for up to 7 years is possible for all files, folders, databases and Microsoft 365

Effective when needed the most.

Strengthening the Essential Eight’s call for reliable backups, this feature ensures the ongoing validity and reliability of backup data. Regular validation checks guarantee that backup systems are ready to restore data effectively when needed the most.

Cyber Self-Assessment tool

The Australian Government’s Cyber Security Assessment Tool empowers businesses and individuals to enhance digital defences. Accessible through the provided link, this tool offers a comprehensive evaluation of cybersecurity practices, identifying vulnerabilities in network security, data protection, access controls, and incident response planning. Gain insights to strengthen cybersecurity posture and align with the government’s commitment to a secure digital environment. Explore the tool for resilience.

Pro Computer offers no-cost support in understanding and completing the assessment—contact us today to arrange.

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